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‘Native Son’ – film score by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein



Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein have scored the new film adaptation of Richard Wright’s 1940 novel ‘Native Son’, which was premiered at this year’s Sundance film festival.

“Emphatically setting a different tone than expected, and beautifully so, is a jazzy, electrified score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein that sets an internal, brooding, borderline mournful tone rather than anything confrontational. This alone puts the film on a different plane, just as it helps define Bigger’s inner journey and the path toward tragedy.” – Todd McCarthy

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein ‘Spheres’ score


Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, (of S U R V I V E and Stranger Things), have composed the score to ‘Spheres’, a three-part virtual reality series, which just premiered at the Venice Film Festival. You can listen to the soundtrack here.