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Self-Titled Premiere New Khalil Single ‘Herat’

Posh Isolation Goes the Avant-Pop Route With New Khalil Album

In today’s #selftitledpremiere, When Saints Go Machine frontman Nikolaj Vonsild ventures even further out into the void with , a new experimental pop/R&B trio with guitarist/producer Simon Formann ( Lower, Age Coin, Yen Towers) and Villads Klint (a.k.a. Minais B). Picture Arca colliding with ANOHNI-lots of vibrato vibes, crystalline keys, and bit-crushed beats-and you’re about halfway there.

Kenton Slash Demon ‘Harpe’ Premiere!

Pleased to announce you can now listen to Kenton Slash Demon​’s new track ‘Harpe’, which just premiered on Stereogum​! Harpe/Syko EP will be out September 11th (12″ vinyl) and September 18th (digital) on Future Classic​!

Little Boots ‘Taste It’ Video Premiere!

Little Boots’ video for new track ‘Taste It’ premiered last night on Elle US! Creative direction by Little Boots, Directed by Ish Sahotay – check out the feature and video HERE: