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Jas Shaw releases new album The Exquisite Cops

jas shaw exquisite cops

Jas Shaw has just released a 20+ track album, out today via Simian Mobile Disco’s own Delicacies label. Jas has also just hosted an NTS show, featuring a few of his tracks, available here.

Listen to SMD’s New Track Snake Bile Wine

The A Side from the first Delicacy of 2014.

Snake Bile Wine – a tipple enjoyed in both China and Vietnam, where the venom and bile from the gall bladder is believed to improve male virility, amongst other benefits – consuming the poison makes you a man, it seems…. Snakes are either steeped whole in wine, or the bile is squeezed directly into a glass.

1. Snake Bile Wine
2. Snake Bile Wine (Trevino Remix 1)
3. Snake Bile Wine (Trevino Remix 2)
4. Balut

Vinyl Release 20/01/13
Digital 27/01/13

Simian Mobile Disco – Tong Zi Dan


The title track from the forthcoming SMD Ep Tong Zi Dan is available for streaming on Soundcloud.

The vinyl is just about to drop via SMD’s label Delicacies with an excellent Mike Dehnert remix.

Then the digital release which includes the original, the remix and 2 bonus tracks will be out on the 21st October.