Make It Deep Traveler Podcast Series #6 by Medlar


“Once a month, we ask an international artist to record a one-hour mix “Deep Traveler”. After Ben Sun, Jesse Bru, Nick Holder, Mark Grusane and Yuri Shulgin, it’s Medlar’s turn to play the game.

Medlar aka Ned Pegler plunged into music with his work for the Mr.Bongo label in Brighton, where he met the founder of the Wolf Music label or the future artist Greymatter. He finally really began his career when he left Brighton for London ten years ago. Since then, the English producer and DJ has achieved a deserved success thanks to a prolific and qualitative discography.

His first piece was released in 2011 on the label Wolf Music. This is the beginning of a collaboration that still exists today. Remixes, an EP with Dan Shake, another with Ishmael, records released on labels Delusions of Grandeur, Riverette or For Discos Only .. Medlar has nothing to prove, in just five years of career and gigs everywhere in the world. The release of his first long format, Sleep, in 2013, was already evidence of a talent with hip-hop, deep and disco influences.

The British producer plays tomorrow night at La Plage de Glazart for Dure Vie alongside Detroit Swindle and Frits Wentink. To get in the mood, discover the new “Make It Deep Traveler” by Medlar.”