Kenton Slash Demon – Skydancer EP

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We are pleased to announce the return of Kenton Slash Demon with their new EP ‘Skydancer’ – due for release on Copenhagen based label WAA Industry, in collaboration with Australian label Future Classic.

There are no half measures where this Danish duo are concerned; ‘Skydancer’ is a 15 minute monolith structured in two parts. ‘Skydancer I’ captures the brooding propulsive sound of the Berlin underground with its industrial hats and sinister central bass line, whilst ‘Skydancer II’ erupts into a powerhouse of breakbeats and expansive flourishes of dark euphoria.  It’s an evocative record that reflects twin affections for The Berghain and the UK rave scene, filtered through the Kenton Slash Demon lense. 

Taken from the new EP, you can listen  ‘Skydancer I‘ below, which is due for release on May 11th (Vinyl) and May 22nd (Digital):

Kenton Slash Demon will also be playing a series of Festival dates in Denmark with more European dates to be announced – see below.

-2nd May – Spot Festival, Århus, Denmark – Live

– 5th June – Distortion Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark – DJ

– 6th June – Distortion Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark – Live

-18th July – Musik i Lejet Festival, Tisvilde, Denmark -Live

– 30th  July – 1 August – Trailerpark Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark – DJ