Make It Deep Traveler Podcast Series #6 by Medlar


“Once a month, we ask an international artist to record a one-hour mix “Deep Traveler”. After Ben Sun, Jesse Bru, Nick Holder, Mark Grusane and Yuri Shulgin, it’s Medlar’s turn to play the game.

Medlar aka Ned Pegler plunged into music with his work for the Mr.Bongo label in Brighton, where he met the founder of the Wolf Music label or the future artist Greymatter. He finally really began his career when he left Brighton for London ten years ago. Since then, the English producer and DJ has achieved a deserved success thanks to a prolific and qualitative discography.

His first piece was released in 2011 on the label Wolf Music. This is the beginning of a collaboration that still exists today. Remixes, an EP with Dan Shake, another with Ishmael, records released on labels Delusions of Grandeur, Riverette or For Discos Only .. Medlar has nothing to prove, in just five years of career and gigs everywhere in the world. The release of his first long format, Sleep, in 2013, was already evidence of a talent with hip-hop, deep and disco influences.

The British producer plays tomorrow night at La Plage de Glazart for Dure Vie alongside Detroit Swindle and Frits Wentink. To get in the mood, discover the new “Make It Deep Traveler” by Medlar.”

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Posh Isolation to release Khalil’s Debut Album ‘The Water We Drink’


Introducing a new trio on the Copenhagen label, the band’s debut album The Water We Drink is due for release on 25 August.

The three-piece outfit is formed of vocalist Nikolaj Vonsild – from synth quartet When Saints Go Machine and Cancer – Simon Formann, aka Yen Towers and part of Age Coin and Lower, and Villads Klint.

01. Trapper
02. Rest My Head Against a Wall of Water
03. Gigds
04. Submit So Deep
05. Estate Straight Line
06. Herat
07. Always Wanted To Ride In A Place Like This
08. Natures Envy
09. Sculpture So Solid
10. The White Hoodie I Wear Because I Love You

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New Roosevelt EP ‘Midnight Versions’ released July 19th



Roosevelt has just released new EP ‘Midnight Versions’ for free download via Bandcamp.


1. Close (Midnight Version)
2. Night Moves (Midnight Version)
3. Colours (Midnight Version)
4. Wait Up (Midnight Version)

With ‘Midnight Versions’ I wanted to show the dancefloor influence on the album, and turn the tracks into longer edits, with more time to breathe and evolve.”

You can grab your copy here.

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Goose Island made a beer with the band behind the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack

Every year, Goose Island teams up with a band on the Pitchfork Music Festival lineup to create a cleverly-named beer that’s served during the three-day Union Park fest. Local rockers Twin Peaks, hip-hop star Chance the Rapper and singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten have been bestowed with the honor in years past, but this time around Texas synthesizer act Survive provided inspiration for the latest Goose Island brew.

To make a beer inspired by the group, Goose Island brewers decided to craft a grapefruit-forward red pale ale, paying tribute to the citrus fruit that is grown in the band’s home state of Texas. Survive didn’t just help name the beer, they also participated in its production. During the brewing process, two members of the band visited the brewery armed with synthesizers and a stack of amps, using the vibrations created by their music to clear the walls of a grist bin.

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Blondes announce new album

R&S proudly presents ‘Warmth’ the extraordinary album from critically acclaimed New York based duo Blondes AKA Sam Haar and Zach Steinman whose ten tracks of mesmerising, ever shifting rhythmic workouts percolate alongside contemporaries such as Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson and Donato Dozzy.

A decade into their musical relationship, the duo continue to find inspiration through hardware instrumentation and improvisation. Haar and Steinman’s intense live performances on sound systems throughout Europe and US for 2013’s ‘Swisher’ LP and beyond traversed nightclubs, festivals, art museums and DIY spaces serving to generate a wealth of material album to be distilled into this album.


‘Warmth’ finds them further stripping away extraneous elements, pushing their percussive framework to the forefront. The result is lysergic techno fused with Blondes’ characteristic synth-work and atmospherics.

After parting company with their previous label, the highly respected RVNG Intl. label, the duo find a natural home as part of R&S’s storied alumni as they explain:

“Having released on RVNG for years, we had wanted to move in the direction of releasing on a more dance music focused label. RVNG has established itself in the world of experimental music and reissuing overlooked records from the past, and we both (RVNG and Blondes) thought it would be immensely exciting for us to release this new record with R&S”

It’s fair to say that Blondes’ characteristic hypnotic synth figures, pulsing club-ready rhythms and gritty off-kilter sensibility have never felt as fully realised and timely as on ‘Warmth’ – their most significant and weighty record to date.